Togo: Voodoo !


Voodoo, an animist religion based on the worship of spirits, is deeply enbedded in West Africa culture and particularly in Togo. The spirits communicate with the Voodoo priests, or Fetishists, by possessing them and speaking through them. Voodoo priests also act as traditional herbalists, preparing various cures, potions and charms on the instructions of the spirits.

Deep in the countryside, in a hidden village, we visit a Voodoo temple and meet its Priest. A young man, he was chosen by the spirits to be Priest, the third generation in his family to have that honour. Interestingly, the spirits bypassed older, more erudite relatives to pick him.

The Voodoo priest blessing our travels by invoking the powerful Spirit of the Twins


Cigarette smoking fetishes guard the entrance to the temple



Future adepts ?