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Rwanda: Young Entrepreneurs

  Children who survived the Genocide against the Tutsis typically lost all of their family and most of their acquaintances, leaving them without a support network. AERGĀ (Association des Etudiants Rescapes du Genocide) is an NGO founded by those survivors to help each other go through their schooling and higher education through the creation of “virtual(…)

Rwanda: return to Kigali

  We were last in Rwanda in November 2013. I am back for a few days to support a project which the family has sponsored through an NGO, SURF (the Survivors Fund). It is the “short rains” season. Soft, low clouds sit atop the hills of Kigali. Standing on the balcony of my room at(…)

South Africa: fast forward Africa…

  In the last days of our African odyssey, traveling through the pretty countryside of the Free State, getting lost in a hostile downtown Johannesburg , visiting the capital Pretoria and finally a large diamond mine, I am struck by how South Africa encapsulates all that is working – and all that is wrong in(…)

South Africa: welcome to the “village”

  We return to South Africa, our decompression chamber before heading back to Asia. And what better place to clear our system of the excess hydrogen accumulated during our deep dive in the Dark Continent than the small town of Clarens, in the Eastern Free State. Clarens seems to live in an enchanted bubble, far(…)

Zimbabwe: the ghosts of Harare

  Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare (Salisbury before Independence) used to be known as the garden city of Africa. With its broad jacaranda-lined avenues, many parks and temperate weather, it was (and might just still be) one of the most pleasant cities in world. It is possible today if one looks beyond the broken roads, garbage accumulating(…)