Rwanda: where one stops and…the other starts

  Gisenyi, on the northern tip of Lake Kivu is a pretty town which blends seamlessly with Goma, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Gisenyi acts as a sort of service town for Goma and the Eastern Congo, with many businessmen, NGOs and UN soldiers who work in the Congo keeping their residences here, shopping,(…)

Rwanda: the boys go to town

  …or rather…to the village ! Medicine Man     The boys in church, where Conrad got to address the congregation. Hard work (grinding sorghum) Rwanda’s famous Intore dancers  

Rwanda: The gorillas of the Virungas

  Each volcano of the Virungas hosts a two or three gorilla families. The first Silverback we see makes a dramatic entrance. He appears suddenly from the top of the hill in an explosion of breaking bamboo and swinging vines. Much bigger than we had imagined, with his white back shining in the sunlight. There(…)

Rwanda: Volcano magic

  The Virunga chain of eight volcanoes straddles Rwanda (which has five of them), the Congo (DRC) and Uganda. Constantly shrouded in clouds, with bamboo forest clinging to the volcanoes’ sides, it is a hauntingly beautiful region. The rare apparation of the cone of a volcano, when the mist clears for a brief moment feels(…)

Rwanda: Singapore of Africa ?

  Kigali feels like an African city would be if it were dreamed up by the editors of Monocle magazine – or by Lee Kwan Yew himself ! Located at an altitude of 1600m, it has a pleasant temperate climate. With dozens of hills dotted around the city, parks and wide, tree-lined avenues, it is(…)