Uganda: The true meaning of “rain forest”

  We’re back in the highlands, at Mount Elgon, a chain of extinct volcanoes in the East of Uganda, on the Kenyan border. Like elsewhere in Africa, we find the more fertile highland regions with a more temperate climate heavily populated. Every inch of the mountains, with the exception of the National Park, is carved(…)

Uganda: garden city of Africa

  Kampala, like Rome, is built over seven hills. A pleasant city where the few high rises mix with stately old bungalows and shanties, it feels a bit like a backwater compared with the larger capitals of its neighbors. It reminds us a bit of another garden city, Singapore, or of the suburbs of Kuala(…)

Uganda: Raid on Entebbe

  Our arrival in Uganda is rather low key. For all its infamous reputation from the Idi Amin days and the 1976 Israeli raid, Entebbe is a genteel, rather sleepy town on the shores of Lake Victoria. Its long driveways and lush gardens hide large colonial era bungalows. Only the carcass of the aeroplane partially(…)