Tanzania: into the wilderness

For the next seven days we will be travelling on a mobile safari with our young guide, Josh, third generation of an American family settled in Tanzania. Josh is part passionate conservationist, part wise Bushman and part Summer Camp counsellor.  We will spend a few days exploring the Tarangire National Park, which hosts Africa’s biggest(…)

Tanzania: encounter with our closest relatives

  We spend the mornings hiking up the Mahale mountains and watching the chimps of Group M going about their daily life. Soon, we almost feel part of the colony and the main actors of that real life soap opera become familiar faces to us. Primus, the recently deposed Alpha-male who is playing peacemaker to(…)

Tanzania: Mahale

  Mahale is one of Africa’s most hauntingly beautiful national parks. Covering the densely forested Mahale Mountains as well as part of the lake, it is hard to access and feels very remote. We spend four days at the Greystoke Mahale Camp, a small camp with six tents located close to a colony of 60(…)

Tanzania: We ate the Lion’s Heart

Mount Meru is shrouded in clouds, and for most of the ascent we can only guess where the summit is. Clouds rest gently on the valley below, looking like whipped cream. It takes us two and a half hours to climb the remaining 400m to the summit. It is a difficult climb where we frequently(…)

Tanzania: Into the Darkness…

On Sept 30th, we spend a very short night at the Saddle Hut camp and get woken up at midnight for a departure for the summit a 1.30am. Saddle Hut is at 3,500m. It’s a miserable night, and we sleep, perhaps, for two hours before we are woken up and force-fed a heavy “breakfast” to(…)