Tanzania: Ride on the Rufiji River

The Rufiji River, is the beating heart of the Selous. A large, 600km long meandering river populated by battalions of Nile crocodiles and hippos. Alone (with a guide), we get off the boat onto a sandbank in the middle of the river to fish – confident in the fact that “crocodiles won’t attack humans when(…)

Tanzania: Arrival in the Selous

We fly from Zanzibar to the Selous game reserve on the Mainland of Tanzania where we will spend three days in a small riverside lodge. The Selous, Africa’s largest game reserve, at 55,000sqkm, is almost 50 times the size of Hong Kong. Its varied landscape includes semi-arid savannah, hills, swamps, rivers and lakes, lush forests.(…)

Zanzibar: When the village awakens

Jetlag is the Great Motivator for exercising. And so Andre goes for another early morning run, on the beach, before the village comes to life and the tourists, well-fed and lobster-red, begin to trickle onto the beach like the tentacles of a gigantic, flabby jelly fish. The tide is low, fishermen are coming back with(…)

Zanzibar: …and during that time…

While Andre went back in time during his brief visit to Hong Kong, Laura and the boys were resolutely moving into the future. Both boys got certified as junior Open Water divers and spent the week exploring the depths of the Indian Ocean, seeing humpback whales, sea turtles, crocodile-fish amongst others. And Laura was conversing(…)

Intermission: Back to the Jungle

Andre teleports back to Hong Kong (albeit using an archaic technology which results in a 23 hour journey back !) to wrap up some business at the Company while the Laura and the boys stay at Nungwi Beach, on the Indian Ocean, in Zanzibar. The journey from Chek Lap Kok airport to Central is quite(…)