Zanzibar: They did not only trade spices…

Zanzibar was East Africa’s main slave entrepot port until 1873, when the British Parliament voted to abolish slavery and persuaded the Sultan to render it illegal on the island. We make a disturbing visit to the old slave market, now the site of Zanzibar’s Anglican Cathedral. We visit a chamber, probably 300sqft in size, used(…)

Zanzibar: Hong Kong mini-buses never die…

…they go to Zanzibar !  

Zanzibar: Babel in East Africa

It is fascinating to get lost in the narrow, winding alleys of Stone Town. Not even Malacca gives us such a strong feeling of a cultural, ethnic and architectural kaleidoscope. Pretty veiled Swahili ladies, shuffling quietly through the streets. Boisterous uniformed school children dilly dallying on the way home. Shrewd Arab traders deep in negotiations(…)

Arrival in Zanzibar

We fly from Campi Ya Kanzi to Zanzibar, now part of Tanzania, via Mombassa. After the bush, it feels good to be back to civilization in cospmopolitan Stone Town, Zanzibar’s old town. Zanzibar is the archetypical “Spice Island”. Controlled over its 2000 year history by native tribes, Persians, Arabs, Portuguese, the British, it gained its(…)

Kenya: A run on the wild side

On our last day at Campi Ya Kanzi, Andre goes for a run in the bush with Pareshi. Interesting experience to try and keep up with a marathon in two and half hours type of Maasai who seems to have springs in his legs and the regularity of a metronome ! The run quickly turns(…)