Zimbabwe: the Matobos Hills

  The Matobos Hills, which sit high over Matabeleland, near Bulawayo, are a Place of Power. A barren plateau with boulders piled up like giant marbles in an unlikely state of equilibrium. The N’debeles believe that the World started in the Matobos and consider this area the most sacred in the Land. They may visit(…)

Zimbabwe: Bulawayo

  Bulawayo was Southern Rhodesia’s first capital, founded in 1897. A charming, slightly run down town full of colonial buildings, bungalows with overgrown gardens and a relaxed, laid back atmosphere. In its heyday, Bulawayo Station was known to have the world’s longest railway platform. And to keep adding a few feet every time its record was(…)

Zimbabwe: the Smoke That Thunders

  The “smoke that thunders” is what the Victoria Falls were called by the native inhabitants before David Livingstone “discovered” them and renamed them. One hears the Victoria Falls before one sees them. And from miles around, one can see the gigantic clouds of spray which are propelled upward by the Falls and form a(…)

Zimbabwe: Victoria Falls

  The small town on Victoria Falls owes its existence to the megalomaniacal dreams of Cecil Rhodes to build a Cape to Cairo railroad which would never have to leave British controlled territory on its journey through Africa. Rhodes wanted his railroad to impress and amaze.  What better way to accomplish this than by having(…)

Namibia: travels through the Caprivi Strip

  Namibia’s strange geography is the legacy of bizarre 19th century colonial politics. A 550km long finger of land (about 30km wide) sticks out of Namibia from its north-eastern corner and pokes out in a straight west to east line through Angola, Botswana and Zambia before its tip reaches Zimbabwe. The tip of the finger(…)