Namibia: travels through the dreamscape

  Namibia is a vast and empty dreamscape. The roads never seem to end as they meander gently through the changing landscape of rolling koppies, craggy hills and endless veld. Without the presence of other cars or people on the road, it is easy to forget that we are still in the Solar System and(…)

Namibia: the Himba

  The Himba are one of Nambia’s last remaining “primitive” tribes. They live in the Kaokoland region of Northern Namibia, near the Angolan border. A semi-nomadic tribe distinguished by the bright orange paste, a blend of ochre and butter, which they apply on their bodies and hair. The Himba live in small mobile settlements organized(…)

Namibia: journey to the end of the world…

  It is a 380km drive up the Skeleton Coast on a desolate road hugging the Atlantic coastline to Terrace Bay which, literally, is at the End of the Road. Covered in fog most of the time, the Skeleton Coast is a graveyard of ships, littered with hundreds of shipwrecks and the remains of sailors(…)

Namibia: Swakopmund

  Swakopmund is another charming old German town on the Atlantic “skeleton coast”, grander than Luderitz, surrounded by desert and ship wrecks slowly sinking into the Namib sands. Elderly German couples stroll in the boulevards and greet us politely in High German or stop to ask whether they can help us with directions. ¬†They don’t(…)

Namibia: lost in a painting

  The Namib desert could have been an impressionist painting. A canvas full of imaginary shapes and colors expressing the artist’s emotions. After a few days spent in the desert, we cross the threshold and become part of that imaginary world. There we scale red dunes made of tangerine foam and sail on oceans of(…)