Namibia: ghosts in the Namib

  The ghost town of Kolmanskoop appears seemingly out of thin air. Grand old mansions being sucked into the sands of the Namib. The old railway track slowly sinking into the earth. Springboks living in the ruins of the old general store. With Namibia’s hot, dry climate, the ancient buildings stay well preserved. And though(…)

Namibia: journeys in the desert

  On our way from Luderitz to the Namib-Naukluft reserve, about 350km away, we have the inevitable tyre puncture on those rough roads. Our regular jack is too short to lift the high clearance Landcruiser on the sandy gravel road. Our high-lift jack breaks as we are in the process of lifting the car and(…)

Namibia: das Reich in Afrika

  Though German South West Africa (as Namibia was then known) was a German colony for a mere 30 years, between 1884 and 1915, German influence has strangely lingered. German is still widely spoken throughout the country. Namibia’s small towns with spotlessly clean streets, neat rows of houses and shops and restaurants which all shut(…)

Namibia: the adventure begins

    Crossing the Namibia border is a somewhat strange but fairly straightforward experience. After 118km of driving through remote and barely inhabited landscape in South Africa, the Fiooldrif border post appears literally out of nowhere. A dusty holding area for trucks on the South African side with a general store and a few idlers(…)

South Africa: Purple elephants

  Something remarkable happened today, on our way to Springbok, a small farming town 550km north of Cape Town where we planned to stop for the night on our way to Namibia. As we ┬áput some miles between us and Cape Town on our long drive north along the N7, the vehicles on the road(…)