Intermission: Back to the Jungle

Andre teleports back to Hong Kong (albeit using an archaic technology which results in a 23 hour journey back !) to wrap up some business at the Company while the Laura and the boys stay at Nungwi Beach, on the Indian Ocean, in Zanzibar.

The journey from Chek Lap Kok airport to Central is quite surreal. Flat roads (no potholes, no bumps !), gleaming new cars, billboards advertising luxury brands (the new opium!) . It takes me only a couple of days to be back on “Coach time” (which everyone knows is like dogs’ years = 7x !).

In Africa, I had made Time my friend, rather than a target to be achieved or challenged. Here, it only takes me two days to start wrestling with Time again, seldom coming out on top.

It is a schizophrenic week in Hong Kong where I quickly get back into a stride, but keep seeing, as if out of the corner of my eye, blurry but insistent, the echoes of the life I left behind in Africa. Saying good bye a second time is more difficult than I imagined.

But Africa beckons and I need to rebuild my relationship with Time.


Over the hills and far away… Passing Mount Kilimanjaro