Namibia: travels through the dreamscape


Namibia is a vast and empty dreamscape. The roads never seem to end as they meander gently through the changing landscape of rolling koppies, craggy hills and endless veld. Without the presence of other cars or people on the road, it is easy to forget that we are still in the Solar System and to start overlaying our imagination on the dreamy landscape. Those tall craggy hills become fortresses built by a race of long-forgotten giants. The koppies are so many fairy circles which tempt us to enter – but beware those who yield to their charm for time there moves at a different pace and 10 minutes spent in a fairy circle would be 50 years in the real world.

Giant rivers crisscross Namibia’s arid landscape, but they never have any water, though everyone swears that an underground river runs exactly under the dry river bed. It is said that during particularly dry spells, the desert elephants will use their hardened trunks to bore throughout he river bed and reach the secret underground river.

And then, there are the roads. Roads ? More like ugly scars carved by careless gods across the landscape. The so-called “gravel roads” of Namibia are car wrecking traps full of deep craters, soggy mud baths and sand deep enough to suck in a car and engulf it forever.

the real river is underneath


travelling through the dreamscape



there are (a few…) tar¬†roads…if one can dodge the crossing¬†warthogs !


craggy hills


a regular Namibian gravel road…


and its consequences


somewhere outside the Solar system