Tanzania: Lake Victoria riviera

  We spend a couple of days in Mwanza, a charming town on the Southern shores of Lake Victoria, far from the safari trail. Built on several hills with dramatic views over the lake, Mwanza could be anywhere in the Riviera or the Amalfi coast, except for its colourful African streets and markets. Its lovely(…)

Tanzania: the boys do their bit for conservation

  Meanwhile, the boys, ever the passionate conservationists do their bit to bring the Nile Perch population under control. Several mighty battles with Perches later, we end up well provided for in sashimi and other lake delicacies…  

Tanzania: Welcome to the Island of Dr Moreau

  Rubondo Island, on Lake Victoria, is a mysterious place. A tropical island covered in thick rain forest, with an ideal climate (20-25 degrees year-round), pristine beaches and giant trees that look right out of “Avatar”, it could be a perfect resort island…except for the unseen creatures ruffling leaves in the jungle and the spine-chilling(…)

Tanzania: we meet the Great Migration again…in the Serengeti

  Another Maa word, the Serengeti means the “endless plain”. Dry, yellow savanah as far as the eye can see, the Serengeti seems like an ocean of grass gently swaying with the wind, only disturbed by the passing animals who seem like so many waves. In the Serengeti, we get re-acquainted with the Great Migration(…)

Tanzania: Giant Bowl

  The Ngorongoro Crater is a complete anomaly. The world’s biggest unbroken caldera, 300sq km in size, it sits in the Ngorongoro Highlands like a gigantic bowl gently nestled among the mountains. Ngorongoro is Maa (the Maasai language) for “bowl”. A sort of Noah’s Ark, teeming with every kind of wildlife, the Crater is its(…)