Tanzania: hunting and gathering

The Hadza do not plan, do not hoard, do not store food and do not own anything individually. They are a completely egalitarian society, without leaders who live for the moment. As such, they are opportunistic hunters. Their bows and poisoned arrows are always kept handy, and they are always on the look-out for their next meal, consuming what they catch on the spot. Even when involved in another activity, their senses are constantly scanning the bush around them. We saw them one afternoon suddenly abandon their arrow-making and run towards some rocks, coming back a few minutes later with a rock hyrax which they quickly gutted and threw onto a fire, skin and all. They kept pulling the hyrax out of the fire to tear a piece off and eat it as soon as it was half-cooked.

finding twigs to make arrows
starting a fire
arrow-making gives way to roasting a hyrax