Rwanda: Young Entrepreneurs

  Children who survived the Genocide against the Tutsis typically lost all of their family and most of their acquaintances, leaving them without a support network. AERGĀ (Association des Etudiants Rescapes du Genocide) is an NGO founded by those survivors to help each other go through their schooling and higher education through the creation of “virtual(…)

Rwanda: return to Kigali

  We were last in Rwanda in November 2013. I am back for a few days to support a project which the family has sponsored through an NGO, SURF (the Survivors Fund). It is the “short rains” season. Soft, low clouds sit atop the hills of Kigali. Standing on the balcony of my room at(…)

Rwanda: Journey into the past

Butare (renamed Huye), two hours away from Kigali, is the ancient colonial capital of Rwanda and its intellectual capital today. It is home to Rwanda’s top university, the National University of Rwanda, and to several research institutes. In the Belgian colonial days, it was the seat of government, had the country’s first public school, its(…)

Rwanda: Rwanda-palooza !

  At Timberland, Servapalooza used to be that day in September when the company shut down for a day and we all went to do community service. Yesterday, we discovered the Rwanda version of Servapalooza: Maganda. Every last Saturday of the month, from 8 to 11am, the whole country stops and people do community service.(…)

Rwanda: 100 days of darkness

  Reminders of the Genocide are everywhere in Rwanda. During a hundred day period, in 1994, one million (mainly Tutsi) victims were killed in their homes, in schools, in churches, on the streets. Neighbour killed neighbour. Friend killed friend. Parents killed their children’s school friends. Priests facilitated the killing of their flock. It would have(…)