West African magic

  Magic is central to West African society. Every phenomenon, event or process is explained and enhanced by magic. This is a deeply animistic society where the traditional monotheistic religions play second fiddle to ancient animist beliefs. The Kabye blacksmiths, outstanding craftsmen famous throughout the region for forging metal with a 15 pound stone rather(…)

Togo: Voodoo mass

  In another, even remoter, village, we join a Voodoo mass. The villagers have all assembled around a courtyard, coming from miles around. With the frantic beat of drums echoing, the adepts start to dance in rhythm, their bodies outlined kinetically against the stormy sky. And then, the Spirit enters the body of an adept,(…)

Togo: Voodoo !

  Voodoo, an animist religion based on the worship of spirits, is deeply enbedded in West Africa culture and particularly in Togo. The spirits communicate with the Voodoo priests, or Fetishists, by possessing them and speaking through them. Voodoo priests also act as traditional herbalists, preparing various cures, potions and charms on the instructions of(…)

Togo: fishy facts

  At the fish market too, strong Togolese women dominate the activities while the fishermen are mostly Ghanaians. In the main fishing harbour, most of the fishing boats are  financed by women who then own their catch and sell it at the fish market. In the fishermen’s village

Togo: Markets, ordinary and…not so ordinary

  With its central location, deep-water port and long trading traditions, Togo is a major trading hub for West Africa. Lome’s Grand Marche is the region’s main trading hub where people trade every kind of product. People from Benin sell ready to wear, the Lebanese specialize in alcohol and spirits and the Togolese focus on(…)