Togo: voodoo mass

In another even more remote village, we join a voodoo mass. The villagers have all assembled around a courtyard, coming from miles around. With the frantic beat of drums echoing, the adepts start to dance in rhythm, their bodies outlined kinetically against the stormy sky.

getting ready for the mass
the priests officiate

And then, the Spirit enters the body of an adept, sending her in convulsions. A wide circle of people forms around her. A few elders come to her, salute her (she IS the spirit, now) and calm her down until she starts to communicate her message to the adepts.

We witness the manifestation of two voodoo spirits. The Crocodile Spirit and the Snake Spirit. The latter, a major Voodoo associated with water,  with a large body of followers across the country, recognizable by the white garments or head dress which they wear.

the Spirit takes possession
blending in