Ethiopia: in the Simien mountains

One of Africa’s largest mountain ranges with at least a dozen peaks topping 4000m, the Simiens look like a playground of the gods, full of broken toys. Tall cliffs, like gigantic fortress walls overlook plateaux made up of jagged fantastical shapes: broken pyramids, collapsed bridges, fragments of once grand palaces. The Ozymandian aftermath of a great battle between the gods which left nothing but ruin in its wake.

The Simien mountains are host to several rare endemic species: the Gelada baboon, the Walia Ibex, Menelik’s bushbuck and a few Ethiopian wolves. We wander for days in that lost world, on the roof of the world, which we share with those rare and elusive creatures.

the market town of Debark, gateway to the Simien mountains
playground of the gods
Gelada baboons feeding before the sun sets. They will spend the night nestled on the cliff-face.
spectacular backdrop
coffee ceremony at a village house
Making injera isn’t that difficult!