Uganda: eccentric haven

The Fort Portal area of southwest Uganda is dotted with crater lakes, ancient witnesses to the enormous volcanic activity which shook the region 30,000 years ago. Cold, shrouded in mist during the rainy season, it has a slightly mysterious quality to it.

The Kyaninga crater lake lies on top of two mildly active volcanoes which keep its waters permanently warm despite its depth of 220m. Precariously perched on the rim of the crater sits an eccentric anomaly. A small lodge which looks like a cross between a Japanese ryokan and a Swiss mountain chalet. All wood and stone and refinement. The only place in Uganda, perhaps Africa, with a “boules” field and a grass tennis court.

Kyaninga lake
swimming in the lake
picking strawberries for dinner
Kyaninga Lodge’s lounge
updating journal at Kyaninga
lawn tennis on the equator