Zimbabwe: Scotland on the equator

Our last stop in the Eastern Highlands is Nyanga. With its craggy mountains and green meadows full of wildflowers, trout filled streams and pine forests, more than anywhere else in Africa Nyanga feels like Scotland. And like Scotland, Nyanga distinguishes itself by its bone chillingly cold and damp evenings. A thick mist rests lazily in the valleys and now and again rises to twirl itself around mountain tops, before sinking back to the nether regions. Perhaps that is why Cecil Rhodes, of all places in Rhodesia, picked Nyanga as his residence.

autumn in the highlands
Troutbeck Inn
there were no trouts at Troutbeck
view from our room at the Inn on Ruparara
on the way to the Ruparara rock, an ancient Manica fortress
on top of the Ruparara rock
Cecil Rhodes’ residence in the highlands