Kenya: Humbled in Nairobi

Andre went for an early morning run today. The only white guy around among groups of workers getting off their matatus and school children walking to school. It suddenly dawned upon me, as I was getting effortlessly overtaken by young children late for school, that I was in the homeland of the world’s top long distance runners ! 

Nothing quite like that to exacerbate one’s feelings of inadequacy!

Turkana Boy, resting peacefully for 1.6 million years

We then had the pleasure of meeting Turkana Boy, at the Nairobi National Museum. Discovered on the shores of Lake Turkana, in northern Kenya by Richard Leaky and Kamoya Kimeu, the 1.6 million years old homo erectus is the world’s oldest known direct ancestor of Modern Man. Another humbling experience which made us realize of how little significance our short (but no longer so brutal…) lives are.