Uganda: Queen Elizabeth Park

Visited by the Queen in 1954, the National Park has born her name ever since (with a short interruption during the Idi Amin years).

The road to the park is more like a linear town, with continuous activity on both sides over a 100km distance. Every few kilometers, we see the ubiquitous mobile phone company shops, which are helping to propel Africa into the future through their money transfer services. In numbers, only primary schools compete with the mobile operators’ distribution, reflecting the 50% of the population aged 15 and below. School children in smart uniforms walking for miles along the road to their school are a feature of the African Road, everywhere we go.

the Rwenzoris (Mountains of the Moon) form a backdrop to an Airtel shop
the Kazinga channel, which separates lakes Edward and Albert
the Queen had a drink at this bar (well, possibly…), at Mweya Safari Lodge